Source code for nhl.conference

Module containing NHL conference objects
from dataclasses import dataclass

from .flyweight import Flyweight

[docs]@dataclass(frozen=True) class Conference(Flyweight): """ NHL conference object. This is the detailed docstring. """ __slots__ = ["id", "name", "name_short", "abbreviation"] _instances = {} id: int """int: The NHL statsapi universal conference ID""" name: str """str: Conference name""" name_short: str """str: Conference name shortened""" abbreviation: str """str: Conference abbreviation""" @classmethod def _key(cls, id, *args, **kwargs): return id
[docs] @classmethod def has_key(cls, id): return super().has_key(id)
[docs] @classmethod def from_key(cls, id): return super().from_key(id)
def __repr__(self): return "<nhl.Conference: {}, ID {}>".format(,